Friday, January 21, 2011

Manusia? Human? Insan?..... =)

Have you ever felt like going back? Have you ever felt regret? As if you could go back to that one point in time, where you wish you'd acted in another way. Or if you didn't say what you ever said.

Or you never did what you ever did, because you knew what you did was wrong, since you had a bad feeling in your heart, telling you that you have erred. And you want to fix things and make everything okay, but you just don't know how...

I'm sure most of us have felt that way, simply because we are human... And the nature of humans, we always make mistakes... And we always do wrong.

As humans, we are full of imperfections... But it is how we handle those imperfections, how we improve ourselves, how we fulfil our responsibilities as a servant and as a caliph in this world that matters in the end...

I am human. I am not perfect

I'm not the best servant of the Almighty God,
I'm not the best daughter,
I'm not the best friend,
I'm not the best leader,
I'm not the best follower,
I'm definitely no angel,
Who never does any wrong.

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